The lush woodlands oozing with ingredients for scrumptious gastronomy experiences, dishing out freshest flavours of Finland.

Luxury Action welcomes you to experience the silent but compelling
Saimaa, the largest Lake District in Europe, and the home of Finnish cuisine.

Finland is slightly misleadingly called as "the land of thousands of lakes". Some 10% of the country is covered by water and Lakeland, totalling to some 188.000 lakes. The water is a precious element to Finland; it's everyone's dream and reality here to have a little holiday home by the lake, and we're proudly claiming our lakes have the cleanest water in the world accompanied with some of the most beautiful landscape on earth.

As one of the most sparsely populated countries in Europe, the urge for tranquillity and closeness of the nature are dear necessities for the Finns. Letting yourself to travel deep in the heart of the Lakeland, is like a journey to Finnish identity. The view from a rugged hilltop, that opens over to lakes and forests, we Finns call as "the scenery of our souls". The green forests and the blue lakes became synonymous with the Finnish national landscape during the golden era of Finnish art. Painters such as Akseli Gallen-Kallela and Eero Järnefelt travelled, with great effort, throughout the country and etched those landscapes into the national consciousness.

The freedom to roam in Finland is a right greatly appreciated by public. Fishing, picking wild berries, setting up a camp, swimming and sailing are some of the common activities in Nordic wilderness, including the National Parks, making the beauty of the Lake District easily accessible to visitors. Any one of the numerous National parks in the region is a perfect starting point for a great outdoors experience. The forest offer untouched forests and clean lakes combined with modern services. In fact, in a place like Saimaa where nature dominates the landscape, you'll be surprised to find functional infrastructure, luxurious, modern hideaways and world-class hospitality.

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