Unique, moveable, luxury wilderness Teepee Tented Camp accommodation for an exotic and unforgettable adventure.

Lapland is the traditional origin of the kotas or Teepees used by nomadic reindeer herders and it remains Finland's most attractive wilderness. The heated luxury tent gives you access to any private location in the spectacularly beautiful wilderness of Finnish Lapland. Yet the accommodation is provided with five-star comfort, including hotel-quality bed linen and private chef and butler services.

Although the wilderness environment is best appreciated in isolation, away from traffic noise and urban light pollution, our crew members are always equipped with satellite phones, so connection with "civilization" for any reason is always an option. Our experienced and attentive crew will guide you on a wide variety of Lapland wilderness activities, using your moveable Tented Camp as base. While not on the move, wildlife watching and bird spotting are inevitable options, as the region is a veritable paradise for Arctic fauna. As if that weren't enough, the remote setting provides the perfect conditions for viewing the jaw-dropping spectacle of the Northern Lights on cloudless nights. Finnish Lapland is one of the best places in the world to observe this extraordinary phenomenon. If the aurora isn't shining, we promise you the contemplative silence and inner light of the enchanted Arctic night.

The luxury tent is designed with eight sides, each representing a different compass point, and eight is also Luxury Action's magic number. According to the native Sàmi people, Lapland experiences eight subtle season changes. To celebrate our seasons, you will be offered sumptuous gourmet menus by our top chefs featuring eight delicious courses. Our own sumptuous award-winning book, 8 Arctic Seasons: Discover - Taste Experience, describes this culinary cycle.
In common with the rest of Luxury Action's bespoke portfolio, the Luxury Wilderness Camp experience can be tailor-made to suit your requests and requirements.

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